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Why Should Gloria Be Your Next Inspirational Speaker or Trainer?

Because People Are Inspired by Her Journey and
Her Expertise!

As founder and president of Global Protocol, Inc., Gloria is celebrating over two decades of success as one of the top professional etiquette, protocol, and personal image experts in the industry. It is Gloria’s hope that she can introduce you to her professional expertise and practical experience on this site, and share her personal stories of perseverance and her victim-related survival journeys. All of Gloria’s seminars, workshops, and training are customized to meet your needs. (To find specific information about training modules and additional seminars that she offers through her company, visit

What Are Your Challenges?

Just graduated and feeling unprepared for corporate America?

graduateMeet corporate expectations by knowing the business protocols and professional etiquette that will transition you from the academic life into a corporate career. You will surely gain your competitive edge and be an asset for the company that hires you!

Grooming yourself or a protégé for a leadership role?

LeadersPrepare yourself and your star performers for leadership roles in face-to-face interactions and in every form of technology-related communication with presence, charisma, and finesse.  You have the power to set the better example.

Knocked down?

1 challengesGet back up! Discover how to turn a setback into an opportunity and in the process become a stronger, more dynamic leader by discovering the “hero” who resides within you. Stay focused on the outcome that “you” want. Caption reads: “No matter the challenge, every hurdle in life is negotiable given the right determination.

Discover How to Make Your Challenges
Work For You, Not Against You!


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