To “Regift” or Not to “Regift”

by Gloria Petersen

regifting1 Are we so caught up in the need to recycle that we do the same with gifts?  Simply stated, “regifting” refers to receiving a gift that you do not want and then pass it on as a gift to someone else — so as not to “waste” the gift. Depending upon how it is handled, it can be a good gesture or a hurtful experience.  Certainly, much depends on the motive behind the gift exchange.

There are mixed feelings about regifting, so be careful.  Keep in mind that when you wrap a gift, the recipient assumes that you purchased the gift especially for him or her.  This is where it gets touchy.  A better alternative would be to give a gift that you cannot use (unwrapped) to a charity or to someone as a token of thanks.  If you must regift, follow these three tips:

  1. The gift should be very nice and something you are certain the recipient will enjoy.
  2. There should be no possibility that the original gift giver will find out that you passed the gift on to someone else.
  3. There should be no possibility that the recipient will find out you did not purchase the gift or that you are giving them a gift you received from someone else.  It could cost you a friendship!

What are your tips?



One Response to To “Regift” or Not to “Regift”

  1. Connie Kadansky December 17, 2013 at 11:35 am #

    Love this subject! When I am totally excited about giving a gift, I know that the recipient will be excited about receiving it. If I am “ho-hum” about giving a gift, it is an awareness that something is off and that I need to find something else to give. Think about it. Have you received a gift that you were not that excited about? Ugh. However, remember receiving a gift that you thoroughly loved? Big difference! No gift is better than an “off” gift.

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