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“I Say Merry Christmas;
You say …
Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah,
Feliz Navidad … 

Article on pages 22-23

Bookmark this article for Holiday 2021!
It will help prepare for every Holiday Celebration with your global partners.

“Tis the Season for Safe Holiday Gatherings”

Article on Pages 30-31

“Great Stuff!” —Brian K. Wright, Publisher, Success Profiles Magazine.

Fine Tuning Your Professional Virtual Image


Article on Pages 10-12

“Hi Gloria, I loved your column ‘Fine Tuning Your Professional Image’. With the changes in business during the pandemic, a lot of people who are conducting and participating in virtual meetings can use your ideas to put themselves in the best light. Thanks again!” —Brian K. Wright, Publisher, Success Profiles Magazine.

The Importance of Optimism During Difficult Times

Article on Page 27


3 R-s Building blocks to a Successful New Year:
Revisit, Rework, Refresh

Article on Pages 14-15


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