Sleeveless Dress Tip

deodorantMarkWith today’s trend on sleeveless dresses, blouses, and shirts, just how to do you avoid the deodorant “white chalk” marks? Especially on dark colors! This is particularly frustrating when you buy the “no mark left behind” type of deodorant. Most often, this happens because you are putting your deodorant on too thick. In that case, blot after application.

I have dealt with this too many times, and I offer a few suggestions:

  1. Advertisers recommend using an invisible solid deodorant or spray antiperspirant. This seems to work with some fabrics … but not all fabrics cooperate.
  2. If you have the time, wait a minute or so after application, blot the excess with a towel, and then get dressed. It is typically the “excess” that gets on your clothing.
  3. Use a dress/shirt shield. They come in tape-in, sew-in, pin-in, and disposable styles for men and women.These are the shields (oftentimes mandatory) that are used at fashion shows to be sure models do not soil the fashions.

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