Celebrating 31 Years

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1985 to 2016 plus more years to come

Thank you to all of you who

believed in my mission,

supported my passion and

continue to engage my programs.



Gloria Petersen, Founder

The Founder and Company’s Evolution

I had an idea in the mid-1980s and a passion. However, I had no idea where it might take me. Certainly I had plenty of naysayers to divert my focus. Something inside of me did not listen to their negative chorus. Instead, I just wanted to keep pushing forward.


PNG GBPLogoSm - CopyGlobal Protocol, Inc., began in 1985 as You’re Unique, Inc., an image consulting company. As my area of expertise expanded, the name was changed to reflect the company’s growth and content diversity. In fact, the company went through a few name changes before its incorporation as Global Protocol, Inc., which is a registered trademark in the United States and Canada. Visit the Company’s timeline (scroll down slightly) to examine the twists, turns and growth of Global Protocol as it has expanded on its areas of expertise.



Building relationships over meals.

My Career Journey: Changing Careers to Entrepreneur

I am often asked: “How did you get into a career in image, etiquette and protocol.” My answer has always been: “I evolved into it.” It was never a specific career choice. To be honest, I was simply pursuing my passions. They led me to this new career. I share my story in a series of blogs in hopes that I can inspire you to pursue your passions, dreams and goals.


My Inspiration and Reflection: The Things that Drive Me

We have all had amazing experiences, troubling times and soul-searching moments. What builds character is how we channel and use those moments to become a better person and to help and inspire others. These blogs are meant to inspire reflection, to offer inspiration and to encourage self-improvement. I encourage you to join this journey with me by sharing similar experiences.


Wishing you the best of success
with your
Career Journey

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