Is Disrespect Too Prevalent?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes! Are influencers making disrespect the norm? Candidates for an office are influencers! Unfortunately, too many have been using slander against their opponent in order to gain their competitive edge. However, it is also teaching disrespect and making it okay. Certainly, we need to know if there is something shady about an individual running for office, but can it be handled in a more diplomatic and careful way thus allowing more time to be spent on how to improve the economy, encourage bipartisanship, and make strides toward world peace?”

Volumes have been written on this very topic. We need influencers that put more emphasis on respect instead of disrespect. Just some thoughts for you to ponder and share.

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  1. ARLENE B. ISAACS January 16, 2014 at 2:22 pm #

    Disrespect is not only prevalent in the public arena. As a Business/Life Coach, former columnist on PROFESSIONALISM for The NY Post, I founded a non-profit, RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATIONS to help inner-city youth understand “The Power of Please”. The rappers, celebs, athletes and technology are propagating that it’s “cool to be outrageous!” In the multi-cultural, multi-generational workplace in order to MAXIMIZE HARMONY AND PRODUCTIVITY, there must be respect.

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