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This blog introduces my guest columnist works for “Success Profiles Magazine” and “Las Vegas Agent Magazine”. In addition to the columns, this blog will also share helpful and timely “Viewpoints”.

The Good News Is . . .

Imagine a media world that gave us the good news first, a media that made good news the priority and minimized the bad news. Good deeds happen in every society all over the world, but we rarely read or hear about them. What are people doing to help make their societies a better, safer, and […]

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Print versus Tablet Resources

Recent Headline: “Schools are increasingly replacing textbooks with hand-held tablets to sustain students’ interest and keep per-pupil costs down.” How does this compare with businesses’ usage of print versus tablet resources? Certainly both have their strong points. A tablet is easier to carry than a stack of books or paper printouts, and it’s easy to […]

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Traffic Jam in Cyberland?!?

We depend so much on technology to communicate. But are we depending on it too much for transmitting messages? Communicating is all about speed; the faster we can transmit or receive a message, the faster we want to. But there are hiccups. There is the spam box, for example. Sometimes good messages land in the

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Reflect, Refocus, Renew

It’s that time again when we set new personal and professional goals. A wise person once told me that sharing your goals is a great way to make yourself accountable. Otherwise, the goals are just wishes that fade. Use the three “R’s” as your building blocks to

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Are You Dating Your Smartphone?

That is what it looks like. How often have you attended an event and noticed people standing off to the sidelines engaged with their Smartphone? Sometimes they even gather in small groups to text and simply ignore everyone else. Have you experienced this? Or is this you? Unfortunately, smartphones and other hand-held technologies provide people…

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Is Disrespect Too Prevalent?

Are campaign races making disrespect the norm? Candidates, unfortunately, have been using slander against their opponent forever in order to gain their competitive edge. However, it is also teaching disrespect and making it okay. I agree that we need to know if there is something shady

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