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This blog introduces my guest columnist works for “Success Profiles Magazine” and “Las Vegas Agent Magazine”. In addition to the columns, this blog will also share helpful and timely “Viewpoints”.

Melodie C. Miller

Las Vegas AGENT Magazine | Columns

“Good afternoon Gloria. Your post on the proper placement of lapel pins was a great break from the often-dry reading, thank you! I’ve been looking for a Business Etiquette authority to add content to my magazine on a regular basis.” Melodie C. Miller, Publisher, Las Vegas AGENT Magazine.

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Bon appétit! or not?

A discussion group recently posted that the phrase “Bon appétit” is no longer in vogue as a toast to begin a meal and, in fact, has not been for years. It seems that this rumor was started by a past edition of the New York Times. “Bon appétit” (literally, good appetite) is defined as: “A […]

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The Truth Is: It’s Your Truth!

We all look at different situations differently. And our different viewpoints come from how each and every one of us thinks. How much the way we think differs is influenced by cultural predispositions, gender-related opinions, our particular family (or work) history, or our age and experience—these differences will vary greatly. The bottom line is that

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Preparing the “Linkster” Generation for the 2020 World Economy Workplace

Are you challenged or anticipate being challenged by the short attention span of the new Facebook generation? Society now refers to this generation (those born after 1995) as the Linkster Generation. Every generation brings a unique perspective to the workplace, and with that perspective comes a label (e.g., Generation X, Generation Y, Millenniums, Baby Boomers). […]

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