Personal & Career Journey

I am often asked “how did you get into this business?” My answer is simple, “I evolved into it.” It is not something I planned or aspired to achieve. Forks in the Road brought obstacles to overcome and those obstacles made me “dig deep” into what do I really wanted to do with my life? How can I make a difference with my level of intellect? Then I discover my unique gifts. You have gifts too and I hope journey helps you find yours.


When Knocked Down … Get Back Up!

Like so many others, I have had many twists and turns in my personal life and career. Some related to market collapses, others to lifestyle changes and health-related challenges. Mine helped me write books! My first serious health-related challenge happened when I was stabbed in a senseless act of violence at an upscale Chicago department […]

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Offering “The Complete Package!”

In my previous blogs, I shared with you my journey into the “image industry,” and how this industry has evolved and the directions it has taken. In this blog, I will share my journey into the world of professional etiquette and international protocol—another branch on the “image” tree—in the hope that it will shed a […]

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Discovering Your Speciality

There  are many branches on a tree, and branches have branches. This is how the image consulting industry is laid out. You need to select the branch that best coincides with your personal need and your passion and make it your focus. Once into your image career, and the need for another branch emerges, develop […]

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