We have all had amazing experiences, troubling times, and soul-searching moments. What builds character is how we channel and use those moments to become a better person and to help and inspire others. These blogs are meant to inspire reflection, to offer inspiration, and to encourage self-improvement. I encourage you to join this journey with me by sharing similar experiences.


Why Gratitude? It’s Healing!

It wasn’t until I met STACI DANFORD at a workshop and heard her story that I really started to understand the healing role of gratitude thinking in the brain. It was so powerful that I asked her to share her inspirational story in this blog. I especially enjoyed her animated “squirrel” signature story. So, will you! […]

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Words of Wisdom

Wisdom encompasses so much that it is one of those qualities that is difficult to define; however, it is easy to recognize it. This page shares 15 thoughts on wisdom for you to ponder.

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Tabitha’s Healing Magic

It is no wonder that Randi Fine’s poster hit me in such a special way. It is almost as if Tabitha’s spirit directed me to a poster that reflects my mantra and shows she is still caring and present. The photo has an uncanny

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What You Learned in Kindergarten

Are we making life too complicated? Take a moment to reflect on simpler times, and see if it can help you regroup and destress. Twenty-five years ago, Robert Fulghum published a simple credo—a credo that became the phenomenal #1 NY Times bestseller: “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in

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How Has Your Childhood Impacted Your Career Choice?

Has your favorite playtime or interest as a child impacted the career path you are following today? If there has been no connection, perhaps it is time there was. Many search and search and search for that meaningful career, and then find that it was based on a childhood interest or favorite activity all along. […]

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The Inquisitive Word: Why?

My childhood was all about the “why” word. Perhaps that is why in my seminar presentations and written works I have a tendency to constantly “explain” things and not just give direct answers. I want to know (and I want you to know) why the answer is the answer or why the rule of behavior […]

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Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens

Wisdom is described as the quality or state of being wise and as having insights that go beyond the average person’s knowledge base. It comes with age; and it comes with experience. It is achieved by trying the unknown, learning from missteps, and valuing differing opinions. Wisdom is about learning from errors and recovering—not dwelling […]

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