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Columns by Gloria Petersen Success Profiles Magazine   Fine Tuning Your Professional Virtual Image Pages 10-12 The Importance of Optimism During Difficult Times Page 27 3 R-s Building blocks to a Successful New Year: Revisit, Rework, Refresh Page 14-15        

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It’s all about the Fit and Details

Good fit is critical and the paradigm of professional dress. A great looking suit will lose its visual power if it does not fit perfectly. Furnishings (e.g., men’s hosiery, belt, tie or tie clip) or accessories (e.g., women’s jewelry, hosiery, belt or scarf) add the finishing touches and should project personality and attention to detail. […]

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Sleeveless Dress Tip

With today’s trend on sleeveless dresses, blouses, and shirts, just how to do you avoid the deodorant “white chalk” marks? Especially on dark colors! This is particularly frustrating when you buy the “no mark left behind” type of deodorant. Most often, this happens because you are putting

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