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Gloria’s goal is to create a legacy of books, training modules, and other written materials that will inspire generations of business leaders to come, to create a greater understanding of what it takes to be “professional,” and to provide resources for companies to generate a positive image in the marketplace. Also visit ArtOfProfessional for a ” look inside each chapter”.


Book Series: The Art of Professional Connections 
A Series of Four Titles (Soft-Cover and Kindle)

4 Author2A must-have series of guidebooks that helps you achieve the highest level of personal and professional leadership skills. The four-book series, The Art of Professional Connections, is the perfect curriculum companion and career resource guide. Each chapter of each title begins with objectives and closes with a discussion review quiz. Personal stories, examples, and tips support points throughout the books. The teaching and the learning is made easy! And the index at the end of each title helps you find what you need to know FAST!


7StepsSeven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interaction

“Empowering! This is the word that best summarizes the first volume in The Art of Professional Connections series. In today’s diverse workforce, strong interpersonal skills are essential in order to be successful. Gloria Petersen’s book connects across generations and cultures to build awareness, which leads to better interaction with others. This book provides the tools you need to have the confidence in any personal or professional setting. This is a life-changing book. I highly recommend it.”
Elida Sarmiento, past president of the San Francisco Hispanic Affairs Advisory Council


NetworkingSuccess Strategies for Networking In Person and Online

“Gloria Petersen proves herself a competent expert and capable author with Success Strategies for Networking In Person and Online, book two of The Art of Professional Connections series. Gloria shines a light on networking as a career management tool for the professional worker and takes the guesswork out of networking—empowering us to take the brave steps to get in the game! She demonstrates how to succeed in the situations we find ourselves and how to make the best of the opportunities around us. Gloria reinforces the need to develop networking as a career management tool that supports the professional worker through the inevitable job transitions and business situations we will face in our careers.”
Christine Vicari, founder-president, Southwest Job Network (SJN)


Dining-bookDining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships

“A must-have book. Gloria Petersen helps you understand the power and impact your professional meals have in establishing important business relationships. She presents a variety of challenging and potentially embarrassing scenarios and guides you through them with polish and grace. Even if you were raised with impeccable manners, Gloria will surprise you and expand your definition of what it means to dine with ease and elegance. So don’t let a meal spoil your appetite for a great professional partnership.”
—Caterina Clarke, leadership development, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.


EventsCoverFLATjpegEvent Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining

“A must-have title for any well-stocked business reference library. Graduates, new managers, executives and their spouses, event planners—this book is for you! Gloria presents the clear guidance, tools, and resources essential to successful business entertaining. From a framework of time-tested, fundamental protocol, Gloria has masterfully woven in current social trends to deliver a relevant and powerful guide. As an experienced professional event sponsor and social hostess, I find the comprehensive approach Gloria presents a fantastic refresher and a recipe for success.”
Tina LaCroix-Hauri, former director, enterprise risk management and operational risk, Discover Financial Services


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Gloria has served as a contributing editor for a wide range of magazines and corporate newsletters. She has created exceptional career aid booklets of tips, electronic books, and special reports. A spiral bound anthology of her articles spanning over 20 years is available for the cost of printing.

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