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Variety is the “spice of life,” so are our blogs. You will experience a path to self-reflection, career enhancement, timely knowledge, and fun stuff to know in these blogs. Authored primarily by Gloria Petersen, guest columnists are encouraged to make their contribution. If interested, submit your idea and category via our “contact page,” for consideration.


“I am often asked, ‘How did you get into this business?’
My answer, “I evolved into it.”
I have shared my personal and career journey in “About Gloria.”


This column inspires confidence and gratitude. We have all had amazing experiences, troubling times, and soul-searching moments. What builds character is how we channel and use those moments to become a better person and to help and inspire others. These blogs are meant to inspire reflection, to offer inspiration, and to encourage self-improvement. I encourage you to join this journey with me by sharing similar experiences.


Image Enhancement & Interpersonal Skill Development
“Image” defines who you are through your appearance, body language, and behavior. “Etiquette” is the manner in which you conduct yourself and influence others.  “Protocol” guides your actions as it removes distractions.


Magazine Guest Columnist
Over the years, I have been a guest columnist for several magazines. More recently, “Success Profiles Magazine” and “Las Vegas AGENT Magazine. These magazines are posted. I also have shared my viewpoint on emerging issues; I invite you to share  your viewpoint as well. The viewpoints should be self-improvement based and/or for the betterment of the business community and society overall. 


International Protocol
Cross-Cultural Communication

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This column offers guidance on international protocol and cross cultural communication. Guest columnists are welcome. Simply submit your idea as it relates to improving worldwide relationships. “Protocolumn” is an extension of the Global Protocol Academy training curriculum.

Philanthropy Spotlight
It is our pleasure to “spotlight” an organization or company’s good works to offer support and increase visibility for their efforts domestically and worldwide. If you have a nomination, submit via our “contact page,” for consideration.

Sometimes a viewpoint is all that is needed. We encourage you to share your “thought-provoking” viewpoint on how to make a positive difference world-wide.


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