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Variety is the “spice of life,” so are our blogs. You will experience a path to self-reflection, career enhancement, timely knowledge, and fun stuff to know in these blogs. 



Aspire to Inspire
We have all had amazing experiences, troubling times, and soul-searching moments. What builds character is how we channel and use those moments to become a better person and to help and inspire others. These blogs are meant to inspire reflection, to offer inspiration, and to encourage self-improvement. 


Image & Interpersonal Tips

Knowing how to present yourself and handle any given situation with confidence is empowering! Image, etiquette and protocol serve as your foundation and framework. “Image” defines who you are through your appearance and body language. “Etiquette” is the way you conduct yourself and influence others.  “Protocol” guides your actions as it removes distractions. 


Magazine Columnist
Over the years, I have been a guest columnist for several magazines. On-line magazines, Success Profiles Magazine and Las Vegas AGENT Magazine articles are posted with links to my articles in this column. I am proud to be in the company of amazing influencers and thought leaders.


Career Journey

When asked, “How did you get into this business?” My response is: “I evolved into it.” Sometimes it is not what you plan to do with your life, it is what life presents to you. Sharing my journey is meant to help you understand how that works. There just  might be something untapped within you or a sign that you are ignoring. Don’t ignore it! Take action!



Philanthropy Spotlight
It is always rewarding to get involved and share that experience. This column “spotlights” an organization or company’s good works to offer support and increase visibility for their efforts domestically and worldwide. There are unlimited organizations. Select the right ones for you and get involved.



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